Well.  Today is the day.  I have no idea what actually came over me and why I picked today to quit, but I have decided to give up smoking cigarettes.  Something has come over me and I realized I have to start somewhere.  I have to start so that in 3 months, I will be able to look back and see that I have gone somewhere.  I am tired of not having anything to look back on and be proud of that I have accomplished.  So today is the day I am starting.  I am putting it out there for people to know and in 3 months when I have done it, we will celebrate.  But for now, here is to day one.  I don’t smoke a bunch, maybe 4-5 a day, but enough that I shouldn’t.  I hide it from my parents. (I know they know I do but it isn’t talked about) I don’t do it in front of certain people.  So I think it is time to make a change and just quit all together.  I only smoke when I am driving so I know this afternoon is going to be a test.  But I am saying NO and going to fight the urge and temptation and be strong.  I can be strong and I will.  I always view myself as weak, but today I am going to be strong against this one thing.  Maybe if I can be strong against one thing, I will be strong against other things, like dickward soon to be married man texting me.  Here’s to being strong and knowing that I can do something I set my mind to.



3 thoughts on “I’ve decided to quit.

      1. You got it . Just take day by day and another habit. I knew this guy that stopped smoking and started chewing gum . I want to say every time I see him , he is chewing gum . You can do it


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