Dear Justin Timberlake, I love you.

It’s true.  I LOVE Justin Timberlake.  From my first solo concert as a 12 year child seeing N’SYNC, to my 31 year old grandma self seeing him on Friday night, I still love him and he’s still got it. I was able to score some last second tickets with my BFF and we had THE BEST time! We were surrounded by couples.  And all the men were SOO boring.  They hating being there and were clearly only there because their wives promised them something in return for bringing them to the show.  But not my BFF.  He was dancing and actin a fool right along with me.

I’ve been friends with E for almost 5 years now.  We met randomly and had out little fling.  We would makeout and hook up on occasion, but it was nothing serious.  I was WAYYYY more into him, then he ever was me.  When I finally realized that, it was heartbreaking to take a step back from him.  But I did.  And our friendship made it through.  He is always down for anything.  And he is always there if I need someone to hang with.  We always have the best time hanging out and always end up doing the most random, fun things together.  And I could not be more thankful for him and our friendship.

I have been in a really bad place lately.  I am sad.  And I don’t know what it is.  I am in a funk.  I would rather be home than out.  I don’t want to be around people and I just want to cry all the time.  This isn’t normal for me.  Going through a breakup is hard.  And it sucks. And I hate it.  But E is always there if I need him.  And I am so thankful.

Who are you thankful for?  Is there anything that can make my broken heart heal faster? Cause I am STRUGGLIN.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!


I’ve decided to quit.

Well.  Today is the day.  I have no idea what actually came over me and why I picked today to quit, but I have decided to give up smoking cigarettes.  Something has come over me and I realized I have to start somewhere.  I have to start so that in 3 months, I will be able to look back and see that I have gone somewhere.  I am tired of not having anything to look back on and be proud of that I have accomplished.  So today is the day I am starting.  I am putting it out there for people to know and in 3 months when I have done it, we will celebrate.  But for now, here is to day one.  I don’t smoke a bunch, maybe 4-5 a day, but enough that I shouldn’t.  I hide it from my parents. (I know they know I do but it isn’t talked about) I don’t do it in front of certain people.  So I think it is time to make a change and just quit all together.  I only smoke when I am driving so I know this afternoon is going to be a test.  But I am saying NO and going to fight the urge and temptation and be strong.  I can be strong and I will.  I always view myself as weak, but today I am going to be strong against this one thing.  Maybe if I can be strong against one thing, I will be strong against other things, like dickward soon to be married man texting me.  Here’s to being strong and knowing that I can do something I set my mind to.